Comprehensive Eye Care

Catholic Health gives Long Islanders convenient access to excellence in eye care. Our specialists include eye surgeons, ophthalmologists and optometrists. We recommend that you have your eyes checked regularly. Tell your primary care physician and your eye doctor if you have a family history of eye conditions.

Eye Care Services

Procedures we offer include:

  • Cataract extraction using a “no stitch, no patch” technique
  • Corneal transplants
  • Correction of ocular surface abnormalities
  • Exam under anesthesia
  • Excision of ocular tumors
  • Eye muscle repair and realignment procedures for children and adults
  • Glaucoma surgical procedures, including shunts
  • High order, blue-light filtering intraocular lens implants
  • Orbital exploration and removal of tumors
  • Plastic surgical repair of eyelid deformities and injuries
  • Repair and reconstruction of eyelid and removal of tumors
  • Repair and reconstruction of the tear drainage system
  • Retinal detachment surgery
  • Treatment or retinopathy of prematurity
  • Vitrectomy

We perform PRK and LASIK surgeries. These are surgeries that use a laser to correct vision problems such as nearsightedness, farsightedness and astigmatism. They are painless and take only about ten minutes per eye.

We use a “no-patch, no-stitch” technique to treat cataracts. This allows you to get back to your normal activities quickly. You can even drive a day or two afterward.

Eye Exams by Age

Most patients should follow this schedule for eye exams. Patients with conditions such as diabetes or high blood pressure should have their eyes examined more often. Any vision changes or eye pain should be quickly brought to your eye doctor's attention.


  • Children with no difficulties seeing or family histories of vision problems should be tested before school begins. They should continue regular testing to ensure their vision develops normally.
  • From age 10 to 20, your vision should be checked once a year.
  • From young adulthood to age 40, your eyes should be tested twice a year. This is to screen for glaucoma and cataracts.
  • After age 40, you should have your eyes tested every year. This is also to screen for glaucoma and cataracts.

Eye Care Locations

good samaritan hospital exterior

Good Samaritan University Hospital

West Islip, NY Hospital

Mercy Hospital exterior

Mercy Hospital

Rockville Centre, NY Hospital

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St. Catherine of Siena Hospital

Smithtown, NY Hospital

St Charles Hospital

St. Charles Hospital

Port Jefferson, NY Hospital

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St. Francis Hospital & Heart Center®

Roslyn, NY Hospital Heart Center

St Joseph Hospital

St. Joseph Hospital

Bethpage, NY Hospital