Catholic Health is responsible for ensuring the confidentiality and integrity of private and confidential information, including your health information, and providing access to your health information in accordance with various federal and state laws, including the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act of 1996 (HIPAA). By doing so, we also promote trust between our patients and their health care providers.

Notice of Privacy Practices

You are entitled to know how Catholic Health uses and discloses your information. Catholic Health maintains a Notice of Privacy Practices that describes the ways in which we may use and disclose your protected health information.

Prohibiting Information Blocking

Catholic Health is obligated under federal law, with limited exception, to provide you with unrestricted access to your health information. Catholic Health is also prohibited from engaging in practices or discriminatory behaviors that forbid, limit or restrict the access, exchange or disclosure of one’s health information; commonly referred to as “Information Blocking.” Get more information on Information Blocking.

Accessing Your Health Information/Medical Records

With limited exception, you are entitled to access your health information as well as entitled to request a copy of your medical record. Please visit Catholic Health’s Health Information Management for more information.

Additional information may also be found by viewing an easy-to-read reference tool, “Access to Health Information: Your Rights; Our Responsibilities."

All forms below must be submitted by mail or in-person to the Health Information Management (HIM) Department of the specific Catholic Health facility, entity or practice where you were provided treatment.

Requesting an Amendment to Your Medical Record

You are entitled to request an amendment (often referred to as a correction) be made to your medical record by downloading, completing and submitting a “Patient Request for Amendment/Correction of Protected Health Information.”

Requesting an Accounting of Disclosures

You are entitled to request an accounting of disclosures of your health information. An accounting of disclosures is essentially a list of those individuals and entities to whom Catholic Health disclosed your health information and the general reason why. Accounting of disclosures applies for a six (6) year period prior to your request or as specified on your request. Please note there are various exceptions that apply under the law, such as for treatment or payment. You may submit a request by downloading, completing and submitting a “Request for Accounting of Disclosures.”

Requesting Additional Privacy Protections

You are entitled to request a restriction on the use or disclosure of your health information that Catholic Health uses or discloses. Or, to revoke a previously placed restriction or authorization. You may request changes or additional privacy protections by downloading, completing and submitting a “Request for Additional Privacy Protections."

Contact Information

To report a privacy concern, potential violation, or ask a general question, please contact the Privacy Office or the Privacy Officer of the Catholic Health facility or practice directly. Or, you can choose to remain anonymous by using the Privacy Office’s confidential web reporting system at

  • Catholic Health Chief Privacy Officer: email Lesli Giglio; call 516-705-3704
  • Catholic Health Deputy Privacy Officer: email Frank Caria; call 516-705-1784
  • Good Samaritan University Hospital email Cynthia Vigilante; call 631-376-3582
  • St. Charles Hospital email Lisa Oberting; call 631-474-6759
  • St. Catherine of Siena Hospital email Mariann Carroll; call 631-862-3056
  • Mercy Hospital email Liesl Hall-Grant; call 516-705-2375
  • St. Francis Hospital & Heart Center®: email Tiffany Wickes-Demillio; call 516-562-6551
  • St. Joseph Hospital: email Blake Benz; call 516-520-2776
  • Our Lady of Consolation: email Dorothy Scholz; call 631-587-1600 ext. 6538
  • Catholic Health Home Care/Good Shepherd Hospice: email Lucas Magnani; call 631-828-7414
  • Catholic Health Physician Practices email Michael Withus; call 631-465-1507