It’s important for patients, physicians and staff to feel that they are part of a community that cares about them and listens to them. That integrates them where they can be heard. Physicians are artisans. And at the end of the day, medicine is about connecting with and caring for people.

Avni Thakore, MD, FACC, Catholic Health Physician Partners medical group President

Welcome to Catholic Health Physician Partners. Our network of physicians have been a vital part of improving the health of Long Islanders for decades.

We take great pride in being a physician-led, patient-centered organization. That means every member of our team is dedicated to creating an environment of care for our patients that is safe and represents the highest level of services available in our community.

A top priority for Catholic Health Physician Partners is to create a forward-thinking, modern health care delivery model for Long Island patients that focuses on keeping them healthy throughout the continuum of their lives. We provide them with access to clinical expertise and the latest, most innovative technologies and treatments.

Our physicians see each patient as an individual, not as a disease or list of symptoms. We want our patients to feel heard and fully cared for by their providers. Catholic Health Physician Partners is committed to helping them live their best lives.

We know our patients. We know their families. We know their communities because we live in them too. For patients seeking a strong and lasting partnership with their physician—one built on trust, dedication and compassion—there's no better choice than Catholic Health Physician Partners.

-Avni Thakore, MD, FACC, Catholic Health Physician Partners medical group President

dr. thakore

Our Physicians Make a Difference

Catholic Health Physician Partners Goals

  • Maintain a high-performing medical group with high levels of job satisfaction for Catholic Health physicians and their practice staff.
  • Be known as a primary destination for exceptional patient care due to our emphasis on care quality, our excellent outcomes and our delivery of patient-centered services that drive high patient satisfaction.


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  • Be successful in the shift to value-based care and innovative reimbursement models.
  • Establish our medical group as a financially viable and sustainable market leader that demonstrates Catholic Health’s mission and fulfills strategic plans.