The success of your business is top of mind, as is the health of your employees. Let’s have a conversation about how Catholic Health can help with the “health” part of your success. Here a few topics to get us started:

Bundled payment. We’re good at it. 

Employers often pay inexplicable fees for uncertain quality, while employees want excellent outcomes at reasonable prices. Given the success of our Comprehensive Care for (Total) Joint Replacement (CRJ) program with CMS for Medicare beneficiaries, we’re excited to expand our “bundled payment” capabilities for joint replacements to local employers. 

Talk to us about piloting a bundled payment program with Catholic Health. 

Provider network. We’re redesigning it.

Employers challenge health insurers to improve their provider networks, while employees want access to primary, specialty, and hospital care of their choice. We’re redesigning the patient experience—including population health, expanded access, and telemedicine visits—that we believe will set a new bar for provider networks on Long Island. 

Talk to us about establishing network arrangements with Catholic Health. 

Price transparency. We’re committed to it.

Employers expect hospitals to comply with the federal price transparency rule, while employees want estimates of their out-of-pocket costs for care. Our cost estimate tool is helping insured and uninsured individuals understand their costs before treatment. Of course, we believe there’s an important role for employers, as well.

Talk to us about promoting price transparency with Catholic Health. 

Worksite wellness. We’re doing it. 

Employers know that some employees haven’t seen a doctor in ages, while employees want comfort and convenience at the worksite. As part of our mission, we’ve been doing community health for years. Our nurse educators can bring biometric screening, health education, and teachable moments to your employees, as well as seasonal flu shots.

Talk to us about offering worksite wellness with Catholic Health.

Catholic Health is also one of the largest employers on Long Island. As a self-insured employer, we’ve learned—sometimes the hard way—with our own employees, how to manage costs while engaging employees in preventive care and chronic care management initiatives. We’re happy to share our learnings with you.