Expert Care for Maternal Heart Health

Catholic Health's Women's Heart Wellness Program helps women of childbearing age decrease their risk for cardiovascular disease and help maintain their heart health. Our cardiovascular disease specialists are focused on women's health. We listen closely to you and partner with you to make decisions about lifestyle changes needed for optimal heart health.

Who We Treat

Women who are:

  • Planning a pregnancy now
  • Considering planning a pregnancy in the future
  • Pregnant
  • Post-natal

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(833) HRT-BEAT (833-478-2328)


Frequently Asked Questions

Detecting cardiovascular disease in pregnant women can be difficult because the symptoms can mimic those of pregnancy. Our screening protocol helps to avoid a delay in diagnosis and treatment by identifying patients at risk.

Call 9-1-1 immediately If you are experiencing chest pain or difficulty breathing.

During a physical exam, health care professionals will look for signs and symptoms that could place you at high risk, such as:

  • Shortness of breath, palpitations, dizziness, or chest pain.
  • Abnormal vital signs, including elevated blood pressure, heart rate, or respiratory rate. 

Risk factors will also be evaluated, including:

  • Maternal age over 40 years old
  • African American race
  • Pre-pregnancy obesity
  • Pre-existing or gestational diabetes
  • Hypertension
  • Obstructive sleep apnea/loud snoring
  • Substance use
  • History of chemotherapy

Please contact your doctor for a risk assessment if you have any of these symptoms, abnormal vital signs or risk factors for cardiovascular disease. Call (833) HRT- BEAT (833-478-2328) for more information. 

If you fit the criteria for being at high risk then you may be a candidate for the Women’s Wellness Program. Please contact your doctor to request a referral. Call (833) HRT-BEAT (833-478-2328) if you have any questions.

If you need a physician, call (866) MY-LI-DOC (866-695-4362) to find a Catholic Health physician near you.

During your visit, a physician will ask you questions and perform a physical assessment. Following an assessment, the physician will put together a personalized treatment plan. This may include testing or referrals to other specialists to gain more information on your health.

Cardiac Experts

Our Good Samaritan Hospital cardiac team, part of St. Francis Heart Center, offer unrivaled excellence in the diagnosis and treatment of cardiac diseases.


Nurse Navigator

A registered nurse navigator is your primary contact to help guide you through your treatment plan. They will connect you to resources and provide you with information to make informed decisions. Your navigator develops a long-term relationship with you to ensure you are following your treatment and to help identify and address your changing health needs. 

Under the direction of the Women's Heart Wellness Program cardiologists, your navigator helps you with:

  • Prescribed diagnostics
  • Ancillary supportive clinical services
  • Wellness plans
larry altschul
Larry Altschul M.D., FACC, FASE


uschi auguste
Uschi Auguste M.D., MPH, FACC, RPVI


janice mccormack
Janice McCormack M.D., FACC, FASE


John Vullo, DO


Our Services

The Women's Wellness Center provides collaborative care between a multidisciplinary team of experts. Our specialists in cardiovascular disease work closely with specialists in areas including maternal fetal medicine and obstetrics and gynecology. 

Our program provides education, comprehensive treatment and diagnostic services to help women practice and maintain good heart health.

Catholic Health helps women of all ages prioritize their gynecologic health care needs. We also support the mother and baby experience from prenatal to postnatal care.

View obstetrics and gynecology services

The Gianna Center for Women's Health & Fertility, an outreach of Catholic Health, offers reproductive medicine, restorative medicine and treatment for women’s health disorders.

View Gianna Center services

Catholic Health offers the latest and most advanced treatments in maternal fetal medicine. We help women manage their health prior to, during and shortly after an un-routine pregnancy. Our specialists provide comprehensive and compassionate care for mothers and babies with health concerns.

View maternal medicine services

Includes stress tests, echocardiogram and other diagnostics as appropriate.

View cardiac imaging services

Diabetes and cardiometabolic health go hand-in-hand.

Catholic Health's dedicated staff of board-certified physicians, diabetes care and education specialists, registered nurses and dietitians assist patients of any age at locations—including Diabetes Education Centers—across Long Island. We provide the skills, tools and knowledge to assist in living a healthy and productive life.

View diabetes services

Bariatrics/Bariatric Surgery 
Severe obesity is a chronic condition, which is difficult to treat through diet and exercise alone. Bariatrics is the branch of medicine that deals with prevention, control, and treatment of obesity.

Nutritional Counseling
A certified bariatric nutritionist will provide heart healthy eating education and advice to help guide patients in making dietary lifestyle changes to help maintain their heart health.  

Weight Loss
The weight management experts at Catholic Health offer medical and surgical options to help you lose weight safely and effectively. Our weight loss programs provide the tools and support you need to reach and maintain a weight that’s healthy for you.

View weight loss programs and surgery services

Behavioral health helps to improve the life and well-being of those with a mental health condition, mental illness or substance abuse issue.

In addition to a dedicated team of mental health specialists available through Catholic Health, other resources available include support groups, parenting classes and comprehensive behavioral health services and programs. 

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Restful sleep is a vital part of your overall health. Catholic Health sleep centers across Long Island help diagnose and treat sleep disorders for adults and children, including insomnia, narcolepsy, restless leg syndrome and sleep apnea.

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Physical therapy helps increase strength, improve mobility, restore physical functioning and relieve pain. Our physical therapists use research-based therapeutic techniques and advanced technology to help you attain the best possible results.

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Catholic Health offers a wide range of classes to help you meet your health goals, including exercise, nutrition and better habits like quitting smoking.

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View Good Samaritan Hospital parenting and child classes

We offer consultations with a certified genetic counselor for a personalized risk assessment, the option of genetic testing and potentially recommendation for altered medical management as the family history or test results may indicate.

Our Team

women's wellness team
(L-R): Dr. Larry Altschul; Dr. Janice McCormack; Dr. Uschi Auguste and Dr. John Vullo

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