Leaders in Physical Therapy and Rehabilitation

Catholic Health Physical Therapy and Rehabilitation, with locations across Long Island, give you the highest level of rehabilitation services for adult and pediatric patients recovering from an injury or condition. Our expansive network of rehabilitation services includes acute inpatient rehabilitation programs and a large network of outpatient physical therapy and rehabilitation locations.

    Our Programs

    Inpatient Rehabilitation (Acute)

    Outpatient Physical Therapy & Rehabilitation

    Our Approach

    Your rehabilitation program is tailored to your specific condition and needs. We help you improve mobility, regain function, increase strength and achieve a better quality of life. Both patients and their families are essential members or our rehabilitation team.

      Our Team

      Our dedicated and compassionate team of rehabilitation specialists include:

      • Physiatrists
      • Physical therapists
      • Occupational therapists
      • Speech and language pathologists
      • Nurses
      • Neuropsychologists/psychologists 
      • Recreational therapists