Innovative, Immersive Rehabilitation 

Downtown St. Charles at St. Charles Hospital (Port Jefferson, NY) is the only rehabilitation module of its kind on Long Island. We help patients, following a life-altering injury or illness, transition from hospital life to the real world where they'll encounter physical and cognitive challenges. This unique center simulates a typical community and home environment and even includes an automobile to help patients safely adjust.

CARF award
St. Charles Hospital is Long Islander's leader in physical therapy and rehabilitation.

Features of Downtown St. Charles

A full-size automobile provides patients with the ability to experience safe car transfers and prepare them for hospital discharge. In the car, patients practice adjusting to moving around a confined space and objects such as a dashboard, steering wheel and foot pedals. Patients also learn safe transferring of mobility equipment into the car trunk.

Our fully equipped kitchen includes a stove/oven, dishwasher, sink, refrigerator, and washer/dryer. Food preparation and cooking can be simulated in this environment along with the real-life practice of washing dishes, putting away groceries, and washing/drying clothing. The bedroom features a twin bed that allows patients to practice safe transfers, while the bathroom features a sink, toilet, and bathtub.

Varied floor surfaces such as carpet, tile, linoleum and cement provide walking and wheelchair practice. A traffic light, programmed to the exact time it takes to cross a city street, allows patients the opportunity to practice safely crossing a street in a timely manner while still under the watchful eye of their therapist. An ATM machine and mailbox are featured along with curb cuts that model community settings.

The town square simulates a friendly gathering spot decorated with a Tuscan theme and small tables and chairs where patients and their loved ones can visit over a cup of coffee. Computers with internet access are available for patients. A kiosk features community and accessibility resources.

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