Helping You Adjust and Thrive

Adjusting to limb loss challenges you physically, mentally and emotionally. Catholic Health's dedicated team of amputation specialists offers comprehensive and compassionate care to help you successfully adjust and thrive. Our amputation rehabilitation program at St. Charles Hospital (Port Jefferson, NY), Long Island's leader in physical therapy and rehabilitation, gives you access to expert therapists who tailor treatment plans to your needs and goals.

Children with amputations are treated through our pediatric rehabilitation program.

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St. Charles Hospital is the only Long Island hospital accredited by the Commission on Accreditation of Rehabilitation Facilities (CARF) for comprehensive inpatient rehabilitation and outpatient medical rehabilitation for adults and children. 

Features of Our Amputation Rehabilitation Program

Rehabilitation at St. Charles Hospital features board-certified physiatrists who specialize in physical medicine and rehabilitation. Our nurses are certified rehabilitation nurses with special training and expertise in rehabilitation care. This dedicated team of specialists customizes your rehabilitation treatment plan to meet your unique health needs, goals and preferences.

Research shows intensive therapy, called acute rehabilitation, delivers betters outcomes. Our amputee rehabilitation program features physical and occupational therapy a minimum of three hours a day, five days a week. We offer complementary treatments, such as acupuncture and pain management, that are provided in addition to traditional treatment.

Phase One

Phase one is for patients who have not yet received their prostheses. During this phase, you'll give your body a chance to heal from surgery while you learn new ways to move and perform routine tasks.

Phase One includes:

  • Education on the impact of lifestyle choices such as diet, smoking and exercise
  • Instruction on caring for your residual limb
  • Methods for managing pain and “phantom” residual limb pain
  • Strategies to prevent additional changes at the amputation site
  • Training to move and perform physical tasks with assistive devices such as crutches, canes, walkers and “grip and grab” tools

Phase Two

Phase two occurs after you’ve received your new prosthesis. Although this phase typically requires a brief stay at the inpatient acute rehabilitation unit at St. Charles Hospital, you may be able to undergo prosthetic training on an outpatient basis. Consult your physician to determine the best plan for you.

Phase Two includes:

  • Balance training
  • Instruction and practice performing physical tasks while wearing a prosthesis
  • Education on proper fit and wearing your prosthesis correctly
  • Mobility training

Our team of specialists helps you understand limb loss and its impact on your life and overall health. We offer education, guidance and support throughout the rehabilitation process. Family and caregiver meetings help prepare you and your loved ones for the level of care you'll need in your daily life. Our team enables you to build a robust support system that lasts through treatment and beyond.

Our team works with you to improve your balance and mobility after limb loss. We empower you to prevent falls after discharge and make a safe transition to your home environment.

Downtown St. Charles is an immersive environment that allows you to apply and practice adaptive skills in a full-scale home and community setting while still in the hospital. Features include a full-size automobile, a well-equipped apartment, a stocked grocery store and varied floor surfaces to provide walking and wheelchair practice. It helps you develop the skills, strength and confidence you need to overcome any mobility challenges you face.

This innovative rehabilitation module is the first of its kind on Long Island.

We offer education and information about the many resources available to amputee patients, including:

  • Driver training
  • Home modification
  • Recreational opportunities
  • Vocational assessment

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