Coronary Calcium Score Can Save Your Life

Catholic Health’s St. Francis Heart Center is expanding coronary calcium score testing at locations across Long Island to help patients identify their risk level for a heart attack. The quick and noninvasive test takes a CT (computed tomography) scan of your coronary arteries. The captured images will show if there is a buildup of calcification, which can narrow or block the arteries, leading to a heart attack.

The scan can save your life. Call 631-265-5050 to make an appointment. Calcium score testing is available at:

Frequently Asked Questions

A coronary calcium score test is available to patients who are age 40 and older and are at high risk for cardiovascular disease but do not have symptoms. 

Risk factors include:

  • A family history of cardiovascular disease.
  • A personal history of high blood pressure, high cholesterol and diabetes.
  • Being overweight or obese.
  • Smoking.
  • Sedentary (inactive) lifestyle.

A referral from a physician is required.

There is a small fee for the test. Check with your location when scheduling your appointment. Also, check with your insurance provider before getting the test.

A CT machine scans and captures images of your coronary arteries. The test is quick and noninvasive. An IV line and CT contrast are not required.

The report will be generated on the same day of the test by a team of expert cardiologists at St Francis Hospital & Heart Center®. Your doctor will follow up with you to share the test results.

Your calcium score will indicate the level of calcification in your coronary arteries, which determines if coronary artery disease exists or is likely to develop.

Your doctor may recommend additional testing, including a coronary CT angiography.

Coronary Calcium Score Test Locations

St. Francis Hospital exterior

St. Francis Hospital & Heart Center®

Roslyn, NY Hospital Heart Center

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Good Samaritan University Hospital

West Islip, NY Hospital

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Mercy Hospital

Rockville Centre, NY Hospital

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St. Catherine of Siena Hospital

Smithtown, NY Hospital

St Joseph Hospital

St. Joseph Hospital

Bethpage, NY Hospital


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