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Mauricio Trujillo is an avid soccer fan who plays his favorite sport to stay fit.

The father of two young daughters, he was experiencing back pain and initially attributed his discomfort to his many hours on the field. Also, he began making more frequent trips to the bathroom, but attributed that to consuming more than a gallon of water daily.

Luckily, the Bay Shore resident decided to visit his primary care doctor. Following two blood tests, Trujillo received some shocking news. He had prostate cancer.

“I felt great and didn’t think I had any problem,” he said. “But the second blood test confirmed my high PSA levels.”

PSA, or prostate-specific antigen, is a protein produced by normal and malignant cells of the prostate gland. Testing of an individual’s PSA level is done through a blood test. A PSA level above 4.0 requires further investigation by a physician, which includes a biopsy of the prostate.

Trujillo met with Catholic Health Urologist Christopher Atalla, DO. The two discussed his case and reviewed possible treatment options. Nervous and unsure of the next steps, Trujillo said his doubts disappeared after his initial consultation with Dr. Atalla.

“He explained everything about my situation and told me my condition was very treatable,” Trujillo said of Dr. Atalla. “He was very calming. After my first appointment with him, I felt more relaxed and confident I would beat cancer.”

After carefully reviewing his options, Trujillo chose surgery at Catholic Health Good Samaritan Hospital as he wanted “the cancer out.” 

Dr. Atalla performed a robotic radical prostatectomy, one of the many cutting-edge treatments for prostate cancer offered by Catholic Health. The minimally invasive surgery to remove the entire prostate is done laparoscopically through small ports rather than a large incision. As a result, patients have shorter recovery times, fewer complications and reduced hospital stays.

“Mr. Trujillo recovered very well after surgery,” Dr. Atalla said. “He has full continence and function, and his PSA level has been undetectable since.”

Since his surgery, Trujillo is enjoying time with his family and playing the sport he loves.

“I’m so thankful to Dr. Atalla and the team at Good Samaritan Hospital,” he said. “Everyone took such great care of me. Today I am living my life cancer-free.”

More information on the prostate cancer services offered at Catholic Health may be obtained by visiting or calling (844) 862-2623.

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