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Nancy Hilsenbeck on mountain

Nancy Hilsenbeck, of Oakdale, NY, knows the importance of routine breast cancer screenings.

In her mid-40s, Nancy went for her annual mammogram. Feeling fine, she was surprised to learn a small mass was detected. Her cancer journey began with a lumpectomy performed by Jana Deitch, MD, Director of the Breast Health Program at St. Catherine of Siena Hospital, followed by a regimen of infusion therapy at Good Samaritan University Hospital.

Finally, she underwent a schedule of radiation treatments under the direction of Johnny Kao, MD, Director of The Cancer Institute at Good Samaritan University Hospital.

“The sessions really weren’t too bad,” said Nancy. "I got through it pretty well."

She credits Kathy Deng, MD, her oncologist at Good Samaritan University Hospital, for managing her treatment strategy.

After completing all her treatments, Nancy returned to doing what she loves most: teaching cardio kickboxing, hiking and running—serious running. The 4th degree black belt has run in several half marathons, in addition to participating in the annual New York City Marathon in support of a breast cancer charity.

Nancy Hilsenbeck

“I am so grateful to all the doctors and nurses who took such good care of me," said Nancy. "Catholic Health’s team was amazing—they treated me like a friend from the get-go. I can’t say enough about their approach to cancer care.”

Nancy “passes it forward” by participating in the American Cancer Society’s Road to Recovery Program, volunteering to drive other cancer patients to their treatment sessions and follow-up appointments.

“People touched by cancer are a community, and Catholic Health is a huge part of it," said Nancy. 

Explore Catholic Health breast cancer services. Call 844-86-CANCER (866-260-5186) for more information.

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