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85 days. That’s how many days 59-year-old Army veteran and Rockville Centre, NY resident Michael Williams spent at Catholic Health’s Mercy Hospital batting COVID-19. Yesterday, Michael was able to trade in the FaceTime conversations (they FaceTimed every single night at 8:00pm) for real-life chats and hugs as his wife, children, neighbors and friends visited the hospital to celebrate his discharge!

In January, the Williams’ family all came down with COVID-19. While the family was (thankfully) able to recover, Michael was still batting the virus. He had trouble breathing, walking, talking, etc. His wife convinced him to call 911 and he has been admitted at Mercy Hospital since Feb. 1, 2021.

Michael said, “At the beginning, it was hard to fight to get better. I was so sick that I just didn’t have the fight in me. I almost gave up but my wife and kids served as an encouragement to get better. The staff at Mercy also pushed me every day and reminded me I have so much to live for. I am so thankful to god, to them and to all my loved ones for helping me get where I am today."

Michael served in the Army’s medical unit for 17 years.

As a parting give, Physical Therapist Michele Dreyzin sent Michael home with bubbles so he can continue to practice his breathing. Michael joked he will now have hide them from his grandkids.

“Michael has been a true inspiration to not only the staff but other patients on our unit. We are going to miss him but he’s going to do great,” said Michel Dreyzin, physical therapist.

Michael was cared for by many departments at Mercy. They include critical care, inpatient rehab, acute care, respiratory, emergency and more. 

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