Road to Recovery

COVID-19 can affect your health for weeks, or even months, after your diagnosis. Catholic Health is here to help if you are experiencing lingering health issues. Our Post-COVID Outpatient Rehabilitation Program at St. Charles Hospital (Port Jefferson, NY) focuses on rebuilding your endurance and strength for optimal wellness. St. Charles Hospital is Long Island's leader in physical therapy and rehabilitation

Our team of rehabilitation specialists work with COVID-19 patients across Long Island who:

  • Are at least 10 days post-diagnosis
  • Continue to experience weakness, shortness of breath, lack of endurance, diminished heart and lung function, and pain

Program Details

  • Medically supervised physical therapy, exercise, strength training and education
  • Group sessions held twice a week for four weeks
  • Physical therapy evaluation before your program begins to assess your condition and tailor care to your abilities and needs
  • Monitoring of your blood pressure, heart rate and oxygen before, during and after exercise

The program includes:

  • Endurance training on a treadmill, NuStep, bike or elliptical machine
  • Individual sessions—frequency and length determined by initial evaluation
  • Patient education
  • Upper and lower body strength training

Post-COVID Rehabilitation Program

St Charles Hospital

St. Charles Hospital

Port Jefferson, NY Hospital