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“At Catholic Health, patients diagnosed with prostate cancer have access to the latest and most advanced nonsurgical and surgical treatment options,” said Christopher Atalla, MD, Director of Men’s Health at Good Samaritan University Hospital. “These options offer many benefits, like
minimal or no incisions and shorter hospital stay and recovery time.”

Our expert surgeons at Catholic Health Cancer Institute use robotic surgery and radiosurgery treatments for prostate cancer.


How is radiosurgery used to treat prostate cancer?

Although it is called surgery, radiosurgery does not require an incision. Instead, focused beams of radiation shrink and kill cancer cells. It typically takes one to five sessions over one week.

At Catholic Health, we use Varian Edge® and Varian TrueBeam®.

Benefits of Varian Edge® include:

  • No incisions
  • No hospital stay required
  • More precise placement of radiation
  • Reduced damage to healthy tissues surrounding cancer cells
  • Quicker recovery with a lower chance of side effects
  • Faster return to regular activity

Benefits of Varian TrueBeam® include: 

  • High-resolution real-time imaging provides precise targeting of cancer cells.
  • Takes as few as five sessions to complete treatment. Each session takes 15 minutes. 
  • Detects cancer cells without the insertion of metallic markers or trackers.

How is robotic surgery used to treat prostate cancer? 

Robotic surgery is a minimally invasive procedure used in prostate cancer treatment to remove the prostate gland and nearby lymph nodes. This specialized technology guides a surgeon who controls the robotic system and performs the procedure.

At Catholic Health, we use the da Vinci robot.

Benefits of the da Vinci robot include:

  • Smaller incisions in the abdomen
  • High-definition 3D view of the surgical area
  • Targeted precision avoids damaging healthy tissues and nerves
  • Less blood loss
  • Less pain after surgery
  • Quicker return to total continence

Find Care at Catholic Health

Talk to your doctor about our advanced prostate cancer treatment options. Call 866-MY-LI-DOC (866-695-4362) to find a Catholic Health physician near you. Find a Catholic Health Cancer Institute near you.

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