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Research reveals Americans are searching for balance in every aspect of their lives. Statistics show many of us feel burned out at work and overwhelmed at home.

When your personal and professional life is not in sync, it can lead to a cycle of stress, guilt and exhaustion as you try to juggle all the moving pieces that make up your life. That’s not healthy for anyone.

Chronic stress keeps your body from functioning as it should. It's been linked to several serious health conditions, including high blood pressure, anxiety, depression, diabetes and heart disease. It can also lead to drug and alcohol abuse and other unhealthy behaviors as you try to cope with daily challenges. 

Each of us defines “balance” differently. But on a fundamental level, it means having the time and energy to do all the activities that demand your time regularly. And that looks different for everyone.


Four tips to help you achieve balance at home, at work and at play:

Tip 1: Stop Seeking Perfection

No matter how hard you try, achieving the perfect balance in your life on a daily basis just isn’t possible. Some days, work demands all of your attention. Other days, family takes center stage. Balance comes over time. Don’t strive for perfection. Reach for realistic instead.


Tip 2: Unwind and Unplug 

It’s healthy to tune out the world every now and then and do something for yourself. If you feel your life getting off-balance, try putting down your phone, shutting off your email alerts when you leave the office and taking a break from social media.

Try instead to read a book, take a walk or linger over a cup of tea. Taking a few minutes to unwind and unplug is an excellent way to renew your energy and conquer whatever your day brings.


Tip 3: Change Your Perspective

The phrase “attitude is everything” may be overused but that doesn’t mean it's not true. Reframing the way you think about, and respond to, the stressors in your life has an enormous impact on your ability to cope as they occur. 


Tip 4: Prioritize Your Priorities

Are you spending time doing what you love or do all your efforts center on other people’s goals and priorities? Ask yourself what you want from your life. Then set achievable goals and take the steps that move you closer to your goals. 


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