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gianluca naccarato

Gianluca Naccarato is a dedicated physician assistant (PA) in the Orthopedic Surgery Department at Good Samaritan University Hospital. His commitment to patients is always a priority. “I think the biggest thing in health care is to always put the patient's needs first,” stated Gianluca. “Our hospital does a great job of creating that culture, and our department trusts our team to carry that out.”
Gianluca began his career at the hospital in 2013 as a PA in trauma surgery, joining the orthopedic surgery team in 2015. He enjoys his current role in this department. “Orthopedics is a very team-oriented department, and we all work with a common goal—to provide optimal patient care, which I think translates to patient satisfaction,” said Gianluca.
Highly respected by his coworkers and the surgeons he works with, Gianluca continuously focuses on ensuring that patients and their family members are comfortable and feel secure. “The great thing with orthopedics is how quickly our interventions can positively impact a patient's life,” stated Gianluca. “I always get satisfaction when patients who come in with fractures or joint pain are up and ambulating the next day. It is definitely a positive reinforcement for our department.”
His proudest accomplishment in recent months was being awarded Samaritan of the Month honors for his commitment to providing safe, high-quality care to patients with integrity, compassion, accountability, respect and excellence.
Gianluca’s advice to those aspiring to work in this field? “Never get discouraged, always continue to learn, and always remember why you chose a career in health care.”
gianluca naccarato
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