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“Every day, every patient, Jordan is on,” said St. Francis Hospital & Heart Center’s Administrative Director of Imaging Services Ann Mehta. Mehta speaks highly of the hospital’s Lead CAT Scan Technologist Jordan Rose, who is certified in a number of imaging modalities. He has just completed five years at St. Francis and looks forward to many more. 

“I take pride in the work we do and in the overall mission of Catholic Health,” said Rose. “Medical imaging is essential to arriving at a precise diagnosis and treatment plan. Sure, it requires technical know-how, but you also need the human touch—people talk about the bedside manner. I deal directly with patients every day, and very often at a time when they’re at their most vulnerable. So it’s important to connect, communicate and reassure.”

How does Rose do that? “I always tell my patients that they’re with family.”

That family approach goes a long way toward reducing the level of emotional upset that often comes with a stay in the Emergency Department or extended hospitalization. “Patients need to know that the staff here is not only skilled and experienced but also personally committed,” said Rose, who grew up in Jamaica. “I chat with them a bit and always try to convey that we’re on their team.”

His supervisor, Hector Reyes, is also proud of Rose’s way with patients. “Jordan’s a natural,” said Reyes. “His upbeat personality just shines through.”

Mehta had a related observation. “The patient experience is something we’re all committed to at St. Francis and throughout Catholic Health. Still, Jordan just seems to exude the right spirit without any conscious effort. For him, it’s organic.”

With employees like Jordan Rose, Hector Reyes and Ann Mehta, Catholic Health patients are sure to receive the family treatment.

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