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James Deluca

Thirty-one years ago, Kristen Deluca of West Islip, was born at Good Samaritan University Hospital. Just a few short weeks ago she welcomed her baby boy, James, into the world within those very same halls. And while Good Samaritan happens to be her local hospital, she wouldn’t have dreamed of delivering her baby anywhere else. “I wouldn’t want to deliver anywhere else,” she says, “I know the kind of dedicated care I can expect there.”

Part of the reason for her confidence is that her family has a deep, generations-long connection with the hospital. Her mother, Roseann, worked as a nurse at Good Samaritan for over 30 years and still works there in an administrative role. Her father, Kriss, has also worked as a security guard at the hospital for 15 years, and Kristen’s grandfather, Frank Bagnati, once worked at the hospital for many years as a plant engineer. “With multiple generations working in a wide array of roles I think my family really exemplifies the core values of the Catholic Health system,” Kristen says. “After three generations of the family working there, it really feels more like home than just the place we work.” 

James Deluca and family

This past April, after five years in the Catholic Health system, most spent at St. Francis Hospital, Kristen was excited to accept a position at Good Samaritan and carry on the family legacy. “It’s been my dream to work there,” she says. “Since the beginning of my career I’ve been trying to get there.” Kristen works at Good Samaritan University Hospital as a clinical dietitian, working mainly with pediatric patients at Good Samaritan’s outpatient center. There she works with endocrinologists, gastroenterologists, neurologists, and other specialists to help their patients with nutrition plans to achieve the best health outcomes. She credits her mother’s influence for her desire to work in the health care industry. “I’m definitely following in mother’s footsteps; she inspired me to work in health care.”

Roseann was thrilled to find out that Kristen would be joining her as a colleague at Good Samaritan University Hospital. “I was elated! So happy,” she says. “Good Samaritan has been my home for almost my whole life.”

With multiple generations working at and born at Good Samaritan University Hospital, a question remains: Three generations have worked there, could the door be open for four? Kristen laughed when asked. “I’ve definitely thought about it. A part of me hopes that my son can work at Good Sam one day.”

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