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Mercy Hospital emergency department staff

On Monday, Catholic Health Mercy Hospital (Rockville Centre, NY) broke ground on a $6 million modernization project to upgrade its emergency department (ED). The project focuses on upgrading the aesthetics and layout of the facility, allowing Mercy to maximize its overall operational effectiveness. The Mercy ED receives an average of 35,000 patient visits per year. 

“Updating our ED is crucial in an effort to meet the needs of the community and to match the evolving trends in health care. It is important for us to modernize,” said Mercy Hospital President Joseph Manopella. “I’m excited for our upgraded ED as it hasn’t seen a functional or aesthetic modernization in over 20 years.”

Phase one of the project, which is expected to be completed by mid-2024, will be done in several sub-phases. “Offering high quality care, while providing a safe environment remains a top priority. This is why we are targeting a different section of the ED during each sub-phase to ensure that there is no disruption of day-to-day operations for our staff, patients and EMS providers.” said Mercy Hospital’s Chief Operating Officer Ihab Ibrahim. 
The ED modernization project has four main objectives and they include:

  1. To alleviate overcrowding by re-configuring patient flow and implementing advanced triage systems. This will allow for even more efficient direct care and evaluation during time-sensitive conditions such as strokes and cardiac emergencies (STEMIs).
  2. To enhance functionality via modernization of medical equipment, integrating advanced technology for diagnostics and optimizing workstations for medical teams. 
  3. To improve efficiencies that ensure seamless coordination among various departments. The new layout will streamline processes, minimize delays and will not only enhance patient care but also contribute to job satisfaction.
  4. To elevate patient experience. The modernization incorporates patient-centric design principles to create a more welcoming and empathetic setting for patients and their families.

A new triage area will feature electronic patient check-in kiosks, upgraded floors, new lighting, a new nursing station and new furniture. For first responders, the modernization includes relocating the EMS triage closer to the ambulance bay to allow for more streamlined communication and coordination. For staff, the modernization includes plans to alter workspaces throughout the ED to allow for an improved work environment and better visualization for patient safety.

“The current aesthetic of the emergency department is a bit dated,” Mercy Hospital Chairman of Emergency Medicine Robert Bramante, MD. “This will help bring it up to what you would expect to see in a more modern hospital. Based on the plans and materials, when it’s complete, it is going to be a completely different experience.”

Once the $6 million phase one modernization project is completed next year, Mercy Hospital hopes to begin work on phase two, which is expected to include plans to expand the square footage of the ED.
Mercy Hospital has been serving the surrounding Rockville Centre community for over 100 years. Emergency staff members are trained to treat all medical conditions, illnesses and injuries. They use advanced diagnostic imaging and consult with Mercy Hospital's specialists in multiple disciplines. Additionally, Mercy Hospital has earned Level 3 Geriatric Emergency Department Accreditation (GEDA), providing elderly patients who visit its ED with the necessary expertise, equipment and resources to deliver optimal care.

For more information, call (516) 62-MERCY (63729). 

Mercy Hospital emergency department
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