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Physical activity provides multiple health benefits. It reduces your risk of disease, helps manage your weight and improves your sleep. Even when you know it's good for you, it can be challenging to stay motivated to move when you’re busy relaxing. Here are easy and fun ways to add fitness activity to your vacation plans.


Book a Tour

Sightseeing doesn’t have to be sedentary. Go on a bike tour or join a local walking group’s next outing to see local attractions while getting your steps in for the day. Community centers and libraries can often supply this information. Or ask someone at the front desk of your hotel for details. Check out other activities like bike rentals if you can’t book a tour.


Attend a Class

Even when you’re far from home, you can still participate in the wide range of free or fee-based classes offered in most communities. And if you’re enjoying a staycation, those opportunities could be just down the street. Join in for early-morning calisthenics on the beach. Or check out the community center’s weight room or boxing class. Look for activities and events that match your abilities and interests. You may even keep them on your schedule after your vacation ends.


Try Something New

Take advantage of your more-relaxed vacation schedule and discover fun events and activities you’ll look forward to all year. Hone your ballroom dancing skills or start a garden. Go rollerblading, climb a rock wall, golf or swim. The specifics don't matter. The objective is just to get moving.


Plan Ahead

It’s easier to take advantage of the gym at your hotel if you remember to pack your workout clothes. And planning a day of hiking only works if you know where the trails are located. A little advance planning goes a long way.

Always talk to your physician before making a significant change to your activity level.


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    men and woman hiking

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