Catholic Health's Mission 

We, at Catholic Health, humbly join together to bring Christ’s healing mission and the mission of mercy of the Catholic Church expressed in Catholic health care to our communities.


Our Vision 

Catholic Health will be recognized as the premier health system on Long Island.

We commit to excellence in all we do by providing care that is state of the art, compassionate, and patient centered. Every person, every time.

Driven by innovation, rooted in our Catholic faith, and grounded in our humanity, we will transform the way health care is delivered to become the most trusted health partner to all communities we serve.

st. agnes cathedral
Under the sponsorship of the Diocese of Rockville Centre, Catholic Health serves hundreds of thousands of Long Islanders each year.

Catholic Health I-CARE Values

i-care values graphic

Integrity: We are who we say we are and act in accordance with the splendor of truth of our Catholic moral teaching and our Catholic values.

Compassion: We have compassion for our patients, see the suffering Christ in them, strive to alleviate suffering and serve the spiritual, physical and emotional needs of our patients.

Accountability: We take responsibility for our actions and their consequences.

Respect: We honor the sanctity of life at every stage of life and the dignity of every person, and incorporate all the principles of Catholic social teaching in our relationships and advocacy.

Excellence: We seek the glory of God in the compassionate service of our patients, and we strive to do the best that can be done, whatever our role.

The Story Behind Our Logo 

catholic health logo

Inspired by a collaboration with the Diocese of Rockville Centre’s Most Reverend John O. Barres, Reverend Eric Fasano and Reverend John McCartney and written by Father Fasano:

Our logo communicates the power of faith, hope and healing found both in our Catholic Faith and our work at Catholic Health.

The shape of the logo evokes two images. The first is that of a chalice and sacred host, representing the elements of Holy Communion, the Body and Blood of Jesus Christ, the very heart of the Catholic Faith. As a graphic element, the chalice and host also becomes the figure of a human person, arms uplifted in a celebration of the gifts of life, health and healing, especially as these reflect the mission of Catholic Health.

Our Catholic Health logo evokes:

  • Our Catholic foundation
  • Human-centricity
  • Welcoming to all
  • A celebration of life
  • Comforting confidence

The three overlapping shapes that make up the chalice represent the Holy Trinity, professing our belief in God the Father, Son and Holy Spirit, three in one. The center space of these shapes creates a hidden moment. At the center of the chalice and the heart of the human figure is an integrated cross, reminding us of the saving sacrifice of Christ and the sacrifices we make in serving one another. The blue and gold colors mirror the colors found in the Coat of Arms of the Diocese of Rockville Centre.

Regardless of faith backgrounds, all people are invited to see our logo as a sign of welcome and of our commitment to the Gospel mission of caring for all people, body, mind and soul.