Clinical Excellence, Patient Focused Care

Mercy Hospital (Rockville Centre, NY) offers Long Islanders the highest level of care. Our doctors, nurses and supporting medical staff deliver clinical excellence and compassionate care in numerous specialties.

    Services & Programs

    Comprehensive care to meet the unique health needs of each patient.

    Emergency Medicine

    Our emergency department is open 24 hours a day, seven days a week, for adult and pediatric emergencies.

    Radiology & Lab Services

    Convenient access to comprehensive diagnostic and lab services.

    Specialized Care

    Center for Hyperbaric Medicine & Wound Healing
    All the care you need in one location for all types of wound care.


    Sleep Disorders Center
    A home-like setting to help diagnose and treat sleep disorders.


    Our Diabetes Education Center offers education and support for patients with diabetes.

    Catholic Health wound care staff
    Mercy Hospital wound care team.

    The Cancer Institute at Mercy Hospital

    A full spectrum of cancer care close to home—from screenings to diagnosis to treatment. Our cancer specialists use the most advanced treatments and surgical options. We also offer innovative treatments through our clinical trials in partnership with Roswell Park.

    View Cancer Services
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    Asthma Self-Management Training at Mercy Hospital

    Mercy Hospital (Rockville Centre, NY) provides classes to teach children and adults how to manage their asthma and prevent asthma attacks. We care about you and provide the classes free of charge. Insurance is not required. You will also receive free devices to help you manage your asthma.

    Call 516-705-1530 to schedule an appointment. 


    A registered respiratory therapist, certified in asthma education, will provide individual or group training to help you control and prevent asthma attacks. Topics include:

    • When to use your asthma medications
    • How to use and clean your inhaler
    • How to recognize and decrease asthma triggers in your home
    • How to use a spacer and peak flow meter
    • How to use your asthma action plan. 
    • Arrive at least 15 minutes before your appointment for registration.
    • Bring your asthma medication devices or a list of your asthma medications.
    • Bring a list of questions that you may have about your asthma.