In accordance with a recent notification from the NYS Department of Health, received 3/17/23, Visitor testing and Visitor screening are no longer required.

Upon entry to the facility, you will be directed to the reception desk to sign-in and be directed to the resident’s room.

Recommended visitation hours are 10am to 7pm. Overcrowding in a resident’s room should be avoided to maintain social distancing.

To keep our residents, staff, and visitors safe, please adhere to the following:

  • If you test positive for COVID or have had close contact with a positive person, you may not visit for 10 days. If you have symptoms of COVID or are sick, you should not visit.
  • Visitors are still encouraged to be fully vaccinated as per current guidelines to reduce the risk of transmission.

Please adhere to the following Infection Control Protocols during your visit:

  • Masks are recommended due to our high-risk population but are not mandatory except for COVID areas and areas under Outbreak Testing (Please see nurse on unit before visiting)
  • Additional PPE (Personal Protective Equipment) may be required for COVID positive or suspected residents. If PPE is required, it must be removed before leaving the residents room and perform hand hygiene. (There will be a Pink Precaution sign outside the room indicating PPE to be worn)
  • Visitors must physically distance from facility personnel and other patients/ residents/visitors that are not directly associated with the resident you are visiting.
  • Visitors will be required to sanitize their hands with facility provided hand sanitizer before the visit begins and upon conclusion of the visit.

Visitation During an Outbreak:

  • It is safer for visitors not to enter the facility during an outbreak, however visitation will still be permitted. Visitors will be notified of any outbreak and will be made aware of the potential risk of visiting during the outbreak. Adherence to the core principles of Infection Control and Practices is essential.

Leaving the facility for visitation:

  • Residents may leave the facility for visitation and must be signed out on the unit and at the front desk. Infection Control Practices should be followed even outside the facility-mask/face covering, social distancing, and hand hygiene by the resident and any contacts. Residents out of the facility over 24 hours or longer shall be generally managed as a new admission or readmission, and may be subject to quarantine.