Improving Health and Wellness at Home

Catholic Health Home Care's dedicated and compassionate team deliver services and programs that reflect our commitment to superior care. Our goal is to improve the health and wellness of you or your loved one with the comfort and convenience of a home environment.

Care is provided through your physician’s directions and typically begins within 24 hours of your discharge from the hospital, rehabilitative setting or skilled nursing facility. In some cases, home care may replace the need for hospitalization. Most home care is covered by insurance, including Medicare, Medicaid and commercial plans.

    Catholic Health Home Care Programs

    We know making the transition from inpatient hospital care to outpatient treatment can be difficult for patients with mental illness. Our behavioral health home care program helps you and your family navigate the complex system of community resources, services and programs that offer support and care. We assess your needs upon discharge and offer the support and education you need to continue treatment successfully.

    Better Breathing Now is an individualized in-home pulmonary rehabilitation program for patients with chronic lung problems who are eligible to receive home health care services. Our program focuses on improving your quality of life, medication safety, maintaining an active lifestyle and reducing fall risks to prevent hospital readmission.

    Our chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) management program helps you manage your COPD and its related health issues. You’ll be assigned a registered nurse case manager who works with your multidisciplinary care team to develop a personalized care plan. The program offers education and support to increase your function, strength and endurance to improve your overall quality of life.

    Our diabetes care management program provides in-depth instruction for children with diabetes, parents and caregivers. Upon diagnosis, our team offers support and education related to diet, blood sugar monitoring, insulin preparation and administration. We provide strategies to maintain health and wellness, which will reduce complications and additional health challenges.

    Our fall prevention program identifies patients at risk for falling in their homes and provides a care plan to manage that risk. We work with your physician to coordinate care and provide ongoing assessment, education and treatment to reduce your fall risk.

    Our home infusion program features a team of specially trained clinicians who have extensive training with a certified registered infusion nurse for central line maintenance, medication administration, clinical assessment, blood draws, equipment maintenance and coordination of care. We provide advanced patient care, education and coordination of services safely and effectively.

    Our pediatric program offers comprehensive home health services to infants, children and adolescents. We use an interdisciplinary approach that gives you access to a wide range of specialists and expertise. Our services offer care to children with both short-term and long-term needs, including complications related to prematurity, diabetes, heart or lung conditions, wound care and palliative care.

    Our pre-eclampsia program uses evidence-based practices and guidelines to reduce hospital readmissions for patients who experience high blood pressure during pregnancy or shortly after delivery. Our program combines skilled nursing visits, daily blood pressure checks and home telemonitoring services. Data is shared with your physician so that your medications and treatment may be adjusted, if needed, to keep your blood pressure in check.

    Our total joint management program provides the care and education you need following a total joint replacement procedure. The program coordinates your care with your physician’s oversight. It offers ongoing assessment, education and skilled hands-on treatment after hospitalization or acute rehabilitation.

    Telehealth Services

    Our team of specially trained clinicians use the latest technology to help you proactively manage your chronic disease. Nurses with advanced expertise in telehealth medicine monitor data such as your heart rate, blood pressure, weight and oxygen level.

    Results are transmitted from your home each day as needed. Your physician is contacted if they fall outside your pre-established parameters.

    A component of our telehealth program helps patients with asthma or chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) be sure they are obtaining the full benefit from their inhalers.A small disc is placed on the inhaler, which is activated each time the inhaler is used.

    This information is electronically transmitted to the electronic platform so that the nurse is able to evaluate the patient’s inhaler use. It is expected that this additional layer of support will result in improved health outcomes and enhanced quality of life.

    Catholic Health’s Mercy Hospital (Rockville Centre, NY) has expanded its telehealth services by offering maternal-fetal medicine (MFM) care to high-risk expectant mothers at its Family Care Center. The initial set-up for the telehealth appointments occur during a visit from a Catholic Health Home Care pediatric and maternity home health nurse.

    Data from the peripherals are sent to a central monitoring station at Mercy Hospital, which is staffed by a telehealth nurse 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Any abnormalities captured by the technology are shared with your physician for follow up. For more urgent abnormalities, the telehealth and/or home health nurse will contact you in real time to provide further instructions and assistance.

    Our Team

    Catholic Health Home Care specialists include health care professionals with a wide range of specialties and training. All are fully credentialed and receive ongoing educational support to maintain the high level of care our patients deserve.

    Team members include:

    • Home health aides—provide personal care and assist with bathing, dressing, meal preparation and home exercise.
    • Medical social workers—offer information, counseling, assistance accessing and referrals to available community resources and support.
    • Occupational therapists—provide services that allow you to regain your independence by performing activities of daily living, personal care and homemaking.
    • Pastoral care chaplains—offer spiritual and emotional support to you and your family.
    • Physical therapists—feature evaluation, gait training, transfer training, exercise programs and other therapeutic treatments.
    • Registered and licensed nurses—provide skilled nursing care, including assessment of vital signs, treatments, patient education, medication review and safety evaluations.
    • Registered dietitians—provide nutritional education and meal planning support.
    • Speech-language pathologists—offer a progressive rehabilitation program for patients experiencing difficulty speaking, swallowing or communicating.
    • Wound care specialists—evaluate and manage wounds that are complicated or difficult to heal.